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Here’s Why You Should Put Wine in a Blender

A person pours wine into a glass.

Not all red wines are created equal, and some might not be quite as delicious as others. Hey, we don’t all have the cash to drop on a nice bottle, but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a wine night. Well, the solution to that less-than-quality wine could be in your kitchen.

Putting your wine in a blender can make it taste better, and while that sounds strange, it’s actually a thing.

The process of blending your wine is known as hyperdecanting and was created by Nathan Myhrvold author of Modernist Cuisine. Essentially, it’s a quick and dirty way to aerate your wine and improve the taste without having to rely on older (and more expensive) varieties or leave it sitting out for hours. As its blended, air is introduced rapidly into the wine, and the tannins will be softened resulting in a smoother flavor.

Yes, the hyperdecanting process is as simple as it sounds. All you need to do is pour up your wine into a pitcher or other container and use a stick blender to mix the wine until it becomes frothy. You could use your typical blender, but you run the risk of mixing in leftover flavors from your morning smoothie. Allow the wine to rest until the froth is gone and pour it up as usual.

The next time you’ve got guests coming over for a dinner party and want to impress them with a glass of delicious wine, just toss it in the blender before they arrive.

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