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How Long Does Cold Brew Last in the Fridge?

A person pours cold brew into a glass with ice.

Having coffee readily available is a must for a lot of us. For those who like their coffee iced, cold brew is a great way to always have a caffeine fix on hand. But just how long can cold brew stay in your fridge for your afternoon coffee breaks?

As it turns out, cold brew can stay good in the fridge for up to a full week, and if it’s store-bought and unopened, you’ve got a whopping six months before you need to toss it.

As a general rule, homemade cold brew should be drunk within seven days of brewing. Once that time has elapsed, you might be fine pushing it for another day or two since it has antimicrobial properties. But there’s always to chance that organisms like salmonella or listeria could sneak in and survive in the cool environment.

As for store-bought cold brew, they’re often made in commercial facilities and have added ingredients to help keep them fresher longer. This means when unopened, they can be stored for up to four to six months in the fridge. However, the bottles should come with an expiration date, and that’s the best rule to follow.

Ultimately, if you really want grab-and-go coffee, you should look for a shelf-stable cold brew that comes in a can. Think of all those Starbucks drinks sold in your grocery store’s coffee aisle. They typically have the longest expiration dates and are the safest when it comes to shelf life.

Whether you make your own cold brew or like to keep a bottle in the fridge, make sure you keep track of the dates, and hey, when in doubt, there’s always a traditional, hot cup of brewed coffee.

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