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Make a DIY Wine Glass Drying Rack With Chopsticks

Two wine glasses filled with white wine sit on a kitchen counter by a bottle.

Wine glasses can be tricky to dry—especially if you don’t want to do so by hand. Putting them in the dishwasher is fine, but you shouldn’t run a dry cycle. How can you dry a glass without the laborious effort of hand drying? Chopsticks.

You can make a DIY wine glass drying rack using chopsticks, and it’s kind of genius.

For his wine hack, you’ll need flat-edge chopsticks. Think of the wooden versions you often get with takeout, most often, they have flat, not rounded, sides. Rounded chopsticks will simply roll off your counter with this hack, breaking your glass. No one wants that.

First, you’ll wash your wine glass as normal. Then, on your counter lay a microfiber towel or paper towel flat on the surface. Place the chopsticks next to one another but spaced apart at roughly the size of your wine glasses mouth. Then, place your wine glass mouth side down on the chopsticks to dry.

This hack works because it allows air to entire the bowl of the glass to get it dry and doesn’t trap condensation inside. If you were to simply sit your glass down on the towel, drying would take markedly longer.

The next time you’ve got guests coming over for a wine night and need to wash and dry glasses quickly, just grab your chopsticks.

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