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Does McDonald’s Sprite Really Taste Better?

A person drinks from a McDonald's cup.

There’s just something about McDonald’s. Sure, it’s probably not the healthiest meal, but every once in a while, you want a Big Mac. But another item people also seem to always want? McDonald’s soda—specifically Sprite.

Does McDonald’s Sprite taste better than other fast food restaurants? You’re not imagining things. The chain does things a little differently when it comes to the lemon-lime soda.

The common refrain about McDonald’s Sprite is that it often tastes “stronger” than other versions. It’s got more of a bit but also more of a sweetness, and while sure, public opinion can sway all sorts of things (including taste buds). This is, in fact, true—at least according to All Recipes. 

The outlet reports that because McDonald’s has a special relationship with Coca-Cola (Sprite’s parent company), the reasons why its Diet Coke always tastes so great can also be extended to Sprite. The most important distinction is the syrup amount the chain uses.

Because McDonald’s knows that ice will inevitably melt in your cup, it uses a higher syrup-to-water ratio. This gives the soda a stronger flavor as soon as it’s handed to you, and it prevents the taste from fading over time. The water itself is also special as McDonald’s filters it before it blends with the syrup, and they make sure it’s cold before the blend as well.

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