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Is Pickle Juice More Hydrating Than Water?

A jar of pickles sits behind a glass of pickle juice and a small plate of pickles.

When you think of pickle juice, you probably assume it’s not very good for you. After all, it’s packed with sodium, and it is true that those watching their intake should probably avoid it. But there are pickle juice benefits—one of them is hydration.

But is pickle juice more hydrating than water? Not really, but kind of.

Here’s the thing about pickle juice. It’s good for hydration in a pinch. The juice is packed full of electrolytes thanks to its sodium and potassium content. They help you maintain the fluid balance in your body, and if you’re in need of a quick boost after an intense workout or you indulged in a little too much alcohol the night before, pickle juice is a good option for hydration.

Here’s where the “kind of” part of the answer comes in, though. Pickle juice is by no means a substitute for water. Three ounces of pickle juice has about 900mg of sodium, and most guidelines recommend not exceeding 2,300mg per day. When you factor in your food intake, that 900mg is going to have a massive impact on appropriate sodium consumption.

Pickle juice is also unable to provide hydration for an extended period of time. It’s a quick jolt of the electrolytes you need, and then, you need to start drinking water again. The practice is also not great to use every time you work out due to the sodium content we mentioned earlier.

So is pickle juice more hydrating than water? No, and especially not over time. If you need a quick fix to feel better after a workout or the morning after a party, try it, but always, always drink water alongside that shot of pickle juice.

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