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Do You Have to Thaw Frozen Chocolate Chips Before Baking?

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Chocolate chips have a long shelf life in the kitchen. They can last up to a year in your pantry and two years in the freezer! But do you need to thaw frozen chocolate chips before throwing them into your cookie dough?

As it turns out, it’s better to thaw your chocolate chips at room temperature to avoid sugar bloom.

Sugar bloom is the white powdery appearance that forms on the chocolate chips. This process happens when the moisture in the freezer draws out the sugar. When the moisture evaporates, it leaves behind white sugary crystals.

While it’s safe to eat sugar bloom, keep in mind that the white-speckled substance won’t disappear.

To avoid sugar bloom, allow your chocolate chips time to thaw at room temperature. This method helps them avoid extreme temperature swings and humidity.

If you plan on baking with your chocolate chips, it’s actually better not to freeze them at all. Chocolate is temperature-sensitive and should be stored in a cool, dry area. Freezing your chocolate chips can also lead to freezer burn or a loss of flavor.

If you plan to bake with frozen chocolate chips, give them time to thaw before tossing them in your cookie dough. Otherwise, opt to store your chocolate chips in the pantry instead.

If you’re looking to up your chocolate game, you can also use this baking hack to upgrade your sweet treats.

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