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Try This Instagram Hack for a Perfectly Round Egg

A fried egg sits in a cast iron skillet with eggshells outside of it.

Breakfast sandwiches are a delicious way to start the day. Whether you layer them with melted cheese or creamy avocado, a fried egg is usually essential to this breakfast dish. But sometimes the egg is misshapen and doesn’t fit the sandwich exactly as you want.

The next time you make a breakfast sandwich, use the ring of an onion to help create a perfectly round egg.

Instagram user @kalejunkie invented this cooking hack. The onion helped shaped a beautifully round egg that perfectly fit her breakfast sandwich. She also loved how the onion helped flavor her egg.

To try this trick, cut a slice of onion about half an inch thick and place it into a frying pan. Crack an egg and drop it directly inside the onion. Let the egg cook thoroughly before flipping it to the other side. Then, use a spatula to scoop the egg out of the pan. Enjoy the egg on its own or on a breakfast sandwich.

You can leave the onion on the egg to enjoy the additional flavor or easily peel the onion away if you’re not a fan. Instagram users love this trick to create their own perfectly rounded fried eggs.

While slicing your onion, you might quickly remember those annoying onion tears. Thankfully, another social media influencer found an onion hack to help you stop the waterworks.

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