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Is Wine Better For You Than Beer?

A glass of red wine sits next to a pint of beer.

The debate about whether wine is better for you than beer has been ongoing for years. While both beverages contain alcohol, they also have unique characteristics that can impact your health in different ways.

But is wine better for you than beer? Turns out… it’s not.

According to research out of Harvard, any type of alcohol could have potential health benefits if consumed in moderation.

We’ve all heard that one of the primary health benefits of wine is its high antioxidant content—particularly in red wine. On the other hand, beer is a source of some B vitamins and other important minerals. When consumed in moderate quantities, both beverages have benefits.

According to Harvard’s findings, light to moderate amounts of all alcoholic beverages can be linked to reduced diabetes risk and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Based on this alcohol itself—no matter the type—could have health benefits.

The most important thing to note, though, is the recommendation to only consume moderate amounts. Binge drinking or having a few too many can have plenty of negative impacts including potentially increased blood pressure, risk of stroke, liver disease, and digestive issues. Remember to stick to the Centers for Disease Control’s recommendations of one drink or less for women and two drinks or less for men per day.

But if were thinking of making booze decisions based on health benefits, don’t. Moderate alcohol consumption in general could be beneficial—regardless of type.

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