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Is Alkaline Water Really Better For You?

A man drinks from a water bottle while working out.

Water is good for you. There’s not a whole lot of debating that, but are certain types of water better for you than others? Some turn to alkaline water, claiming it’s better for the body. But is it? And also, what is alkaline water anyway?

Turns out, science doesn’t really support the idea that alkaline water is better for you.

The human body requires a very controlled pH system to function properly. Our bodies are slightly more alkaline than not, but the average person doesn’t need to “boost” their alkalinity with water.

Alkaline water is different from regular water because of its composition. An ionizer changes the pH level in the water to 8, 9, or higher. Regular water sits with a pH of 7.

The idea is that when you drink alkaline water with a higher pH level, it will also raise the alkalinity in your body. Some of the common myths associated with drinking alkaline water include:

  • More energy
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduced risk of illness
  • Better hydration

In reality, it’s probably not doing any of those things any better than regular bottled water does. In fact, there are no peer-reviewed studies proving any of the claims.

Our bodies are incredible regulators. They want to remain at a certain pH level and will adjust accordingly to keep us there—without having to drink anything special.

Unless you have a chronic condition that changes the pH level of your body, you’re likely not going to see any noticeable benefits from drinking alkaline water. Stick to the regular stuff, and be sure to stay as hydrated as possible.

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