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The One Thing You Should Know Before Drinking Olive Oil Coffee

A person sits at a table with a cup of coffee in front of them.

In March, Starbucks released a new line of coffee drinks in a few major U.S. cities with an interesting ingredient—olive oil. And it made many wonder if they, too, should be adding olive oil to their coffee, but there’s been one surprising consequence.

While most people know olive oil can help the heart and has antioxidant properties, putting olive oil in coffee has been making people run to the bathroom.

The new line of olive oil coffee by Starbucks has gotten some adding olive to their coffee even outside of the store’s concoctions. But no matter if you’re making olive oil coffee at home or getting it from Starbucks, the combination essentially creates a gentle laxative. And if you didn’t know that beforehand, it’s not the best surprise to get.

But why does the addition of olive oil increase the need to “go?”

The combination of caffeine, fat from the olive oil, and the acid in coffee can cause gut issues, making you feel like you have to go right away. Not only does olive oil stimulate the colon, but it essentially serves as a lubricant for the inside of the bowel. It’s easier to go, so more stool is bound to come out. Quickly.

Some people are experiencing even more severe GI issues, like vomiting and cramps. The last thing you want to deal with is a major stomach ache after your morning coffee.

There’s no denying these drinks are intriguing, and they’re probably really tasty. You shouldn’t necessarily avoid them just because of the reputation they’ve built. But, whether you’re getting an olive oil latte at Starbucks or making one yourself, make sure you have a plan in place in case you need to find a bathroom right away!

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