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What Are Water Recipes and Why Are They Taking Over the Internet

Mason jar drinking glasses are filled with fruit and infused water.

Have you heard of water recipes? “WaterTok” is taking the internet by storm and it’s super easy to see why. Delicious beverages? Check! Plenty of hydration? Check! Endless flavor combinations? Check!

Water recipes are exactly what they sound like. They’re water that’s flavored or infused with fruits, herbs, syrups, or other ingredients to develop a delicious new flavor, and recipes are going majorly viral on TikTok.

Understanding why isn’t that hard. Drinking water is essential for good health, but let’s face it… sometimes it can be pretty boring. Water recipes offer a fun and flavorful way to stay hydrated. They can add a yummy twist on boring old water.


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For the most part, these water recipes involve using additives like Crystal Light, Starburst water mixers, and flavored syrups. You can determine if adding those items is for you and your water needs, but on TikTok you can find everything from Caramel Apple Water to Jolly Rancher water. But if that’s not your #watertok vibe, there are other options.

You can chase down the endless combinations available with powdered flavorings, syrups, or even juices, but you can also make water recipes from scratch with items already in your refrigerator or produce basket.

Try mixing lemon, cucumber, and strawberries in a water bottle and let it sit for a few hours before tasting. You could also mix oranges and basil, or simply a stalk of mint if you want a fresh sip.

Join the WaterTok movement to drink more water and get creative with your favorite fruits, herbs, vegetables, and syrups! There are limitless combinations for you to try.

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