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Fighting off viruses naturally is as simple as just BREATHING (which is why they want you to block respiration with a toxic mask)

Harvard University scientists have discovered that one of the simplest ways to protect your body against a viral infection is to just breathe – unmasked, of course.

The act of breathing, which is completely involuntary to begin with, generates immune responses that destroy invading pathogens. Experiments using a “lung chip” that mimics the mechanical forces of breathing were found to kill influenza, for instance.

“This research demonstrates the importance of breathing motions for human lung function, including immune responses to infection, and shows that our Human Alveolus Chip can be used to model these responses in the deep portions of the lung, where infections are often more severe and lead to hospitalization and death,” said study co-author Dr. Haiqing Bai from Harvard’s Wyss Institute.

It turns out that the lungs contain alveoli, which is what draws in oxygen and exchanges it with carbon dioxide for exhale. By simply breathing, your body oxygenates itself while expelling CO2 waste, which builds immunity and protects against disease.

“This model can also be used for preclinical drug testing to ensure that candidate drugs actually reduce infection and inflammation in functional human lung tissue,” Dr. Bai added.

Wearing a mask prevents the body from being properly oxygenated

Over the course of your life, you will take more than 600 million breaths. Each time, your lungs will stretch, then relax, keeping your body in proper oxygenated balance.

If anything gets in the way of breathing, such as wearing a face mask, that balance quickly turns to imbalance, leaving the body more vulnerable to infection.

This is why mask mandates are so problematic, as they force people to cut off their normal oxygen supply as they breathe back in the CO2 they just exhaled on their last breath.

Over time, this can lead to hypoxia, a condition in which the body becomes oxygen deficient. If prolonged, this can lead to other health problems, many of them chronic and some even life-threatening.

For those with a more conspiratorial bent, it quickly becomes clear why the powers that be wanted everyone to wear a mask: because doing so damages the body and weakens the immune system, making a person more prone to disease and death.

With a circulating bioweapon “virus” in play, the last thing a person would want to do for personal health is wear an oxygen-restricting mask, but this is what governments around the world demanded – and sadly, many people obeyed without even a second thought.

Masks obviously don’t restrict all oxygen from entering the lungs, nor do they recycle all of the CO2 that the lungs exhale. Masks do, however, damage the proper exchange of these two gases to varying degrees, leaving the blood and body less oxygenated and more saturated with carbon dioxide, which is extremely bad for health.

This explains why areas of the country where mask compliance was highest also saw the greatest number of deaths compared to less mask-compliant areas.

Another thing the new study found is that stress impedes immune function. Many people were so scared of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) that not only did they mask up on command, but they also lived their daily lives scared to death about “catching” covid, which ironically enough made them more prone to getting sick.

“Deep nose breathing also lowers blood pressure and anxiety,” wrote someone at Study Finds in response to the news. “Practice calming deep breathing daily.”

“It would be a whole lot easier to defeat the Chinese bioweapon if Heir Biden and his Reich Ministers wouldn’t force us to wear masks that don’t stop it but do restrict us from breathing normally,” wrote another.

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