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Marien Barrientos tells Kerri Rivera: Chlorine dioxide helps COVID patients heal and recover – Brighteon.TV

Chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) expert Marien Barrientos shared with host and health consultant Kerri Rivera how CDS was able to help Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) patients heal and recover.

On the June 23 episode of “Champions with Kerri Rivera” on Brighteon.TV, Barrientos told the host that she learned about chlorine dioxide 16 years ago when her mother, who was a heavy smoker, suffered chronic coughing.

Barrientos related that her mother had a chance meeting with Jim Humble, who discovered the benefits of using chlorine dioxide through his master mineral solution (MMS). Humble advised her mother to take a few drops of chlorine dioxide and said that she would be okay after taking it.

Her mother’s chronic cough stopped after taking drops of MMS in just one day. Humble also told her mother that MMS treats diseases caused by any virus, fungus or bacteria. The CDS specialist also said that a nephew of her mom’s best friend was able to recover from HIV-AIDS after following the MMS protocol.

Barrientos, a stay-at-home wife and mother of four, became a great healer of people with COVID and other diseases. She is receiving people at her home to get chlorine dioxide and has given away many bottles of CDS for COVID patients in her home country of Mexico for free.

Barrientos is a member of COMUSAV, a global nonprofit organization made up of people whose desire is to learn, investigate and publicize different specialties in integrative medicine for the health of human beings.

When the pandemic started, Barrientos’ mother reminded her to get ready and have stocks of CDS in case someone gets sick in their family.

Aside from making CDS, she also made MMS along with her uncle Ricardo, who was also living in Torreon, Mexico.

The CDS specialist mentioned that their lawyer, who was one of the first people to get COVID in Torreon, was the first recipient of their CDS treatment protocol. (Related: Chlorine dioxide to treat COVID? YES, says Dr. Manuel Aparicio.)

The lawyer felt much better just a day after taking CDS.

Testimony of Mexican supermarket and department store owner about CDS goes viral

After curing their lawyer, Barrientos and her uncle sought people infected with COVID and encouraged them to take chlorine dioxide. Some people listened, while others did not.

One of the people who listened was Pedro Luis Bringas, the owner of Soriana, a popular supermarket and department store in Mexico. Bringas was able to recover from COVID after taking chlorine dioxide.

Bringas came to Torreon to thank Barrientos. The supermarket and department store owner gave a testimony that he was healed in just two hours by CDS after having a high fever and sore throat due to COVID.

Barrientos shared the testimony on her Telegram and it immediately went viral. Local newspapers picked up the story the following day.

Both Barrientos and Bringas also started getting calls from newspaper and magazine reporters who want to interview them about CDS.

German researcher Andreas Kalcker was also able to watch the viral video and congratulated Barrientos for her work.

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Watch the full June 23 episode of “Champions with Kerri Rivera” below. “Champions with Kerri Rivera” airs every Thursday from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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