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Holistic Hernia Remediation provides natural hernia healing remedies

Is it possible to remediate a hernia without invasive surgery? The Hernia Coach is successfully doing just that with Holistic Hernia Remediation.

Before reading any further, note that the following information applies only to inguinal hernia cases that have already been evaluated by a competent physician who is experienced in this particular specialty.

“If an inguinal hernia has been incarcerated for an inordinate period of time, or is in jeopardy of strangulation, then a surgical repair may be the only intervention that will sufficiently address the issue,” says The Hernia Coach.

“Likewise, if a hernia is irreducible over the long term and adhesions form, surgery may be considered the only alternative.”

Under no circumstances should self-diagnosis or self-treatment be part of dealing with a hernia. Only with the help of a qualified healthcare professional with direct experience in inguinal hernia remediation should the following information be utilized.

With that said, consider the fact that inguinal hernias often come with a very significant emotional component that is almost always overlooked by doctors and patients alike. Understanding this is important to understanding how hernias can, in fact, be treated without invasive surgery, in some cases.

Also important is understanding every possible cause, cofactor, and trigger associated with the development of a hernia. Emotions, experiences, diet, lifestyle habits, type of work, and even spiritual beliefs all affect hernial development. (Related: Check out these 11 natural remedies that can help address a hiatal hernia.)

Do you need help with a hernia? Consider The Hernia Coach

There is a lot that goes into the development of a hernia, though conventionally the condition is almost always blamed on lifting too much weight. This can be one factor in the equation, but it is certainly not a catch-all for hernial development.

According to The Hernia Coach, low-grade constipation is one common root cause of inguinal hernia that is often overlooked. Many years of forcing bowel movements can set up the abdominal floor for a future disaster that perhaps manifests while lifting heavy things.

Mechanical causes such as chronic constipation, too much heavy lifting, and not getting enough exercise are all factors in hernial development, as is chemical exposure, improper diet, emotional and spiritual problems, and electromagnetic pollution.

The Hernia Coach offers a variety of solutions to these problems that will vary from person to person. All of them are “subtle and refined, measured and gentle,” as well as customized for each individual.

“Each hernia sufferer will inevitably create their own program which is attentive to the limitations and deficiencies, defects and imbalances of their own body,” The Hernia Coach explains.

“In this manner each individual ought to be sensitive to the subtle causes and effects that will be experienced throughout this very personalized remediation process. Then, a refinement of the process will begin to take place so that the optimal set of ‘things to do and things not to do’ evolves naturally for each person.”

Among the healing approaches taken are:

  • How to overcome constipation naturally
  • How to maintain a stress-free bowel
  • How to properly use Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM), and homeopathy for healing
  • How to sleep and exercise correctly
  • How to eat for optimal gut health
  • How to detoxify for clean living

As for hernia “mesh” implants, The Hernia Coach addresses how many of the materials used can trigger allergies, intolerances, or sensitivities – as well as how to find truly biocompatible alternatives to these materials.

Those interested in learning more can visit the Holistice Hernia Remediation website or contact [email protected]

“We are here to tell you – I R R E F U T A B L Y – that inguinal hernia sites can and do heal without surgery.”

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