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Top 5 Cheap And Healthy Student Recipes

mbg-300x200When you’re busy going to lectures, reading countless books and going on the occasional night out, it is difficult to maintain a healthy diet, especially when it is all on a student budget! It is important to try and keep a balanced diet to avoid the dreaded fresher’s flu and so you have the energy to tackle anything student life throws at you. This means amping up the vegetables and easing back on anything deep fried.

Here are five cheap recipes that will help keep you healthy.

French Toast

French toast may be the best thing ever invented. Known as ‘eggy bread’ to some it’s easy to make, cheap to buy ingredients for and it goes with everything.

It’s healthy too. The egg provides you with vital protein which will keep you fuller for longer and if the bread is wholemeal then you get essential fibre from it. The best thing is you can make it sweet or savoury by adding fruit, honey, nuts, cheese, ham or anything else that takes your fancy.


This is one for sharing and can work just as easily for vegetarians as it can for meat eaters. Flour tortillas are really cheap in the supermarket, so all you need to do is pack them with vegetables, beans, a meat of your choice (if you want), fresh chilli for a bit of spice or natural yoghurt if you can’t handle heat.

They are perfect for a group and if you all chip in,l it will cost next to nothing. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you can make your own guacamole or salsa.


This is one for bulk cooking. If you get a big baking tin, you can make a huge lasagne on a budget, which you can freeze and reheat. Cut it up into sections and it will last for ages. Or if you’re feeling especially nice, get everyone to contribute and share it with your flatmates. If your budget is particularly tight then swap the meat for vegetables.

Asian Style Stir Fry

Stir fries are always good to get a lot of veg in without losing out on flavour. Noodles or rice are generally really light and you can add and take away ingredients depending on what you like.

It’s also really cheap and lots of the major supermarkets will do offers where you can buy all of the ingredients together for a discount. Oriental style sauces are usually simple to make and strongly flavoured so a little bit will go a long way.

A Little Treat

The infamous mug cake is probably the most indulgent thing you can make in a microwave. All you need are a few basic ingredients, only minutes cooking in a mug and you have yourself a cake!

While this isn’t exactly healthy, it has less of the butter and sugar that a shop bought cake does and so is a better option for your cravings. You can find recipes for all sorts of different mug cakes online, including peanut butter, white chocolate and fruit!

So if you are going to university or trying to survive on a tight budget these recipes will help towards a healthy diet. It is also worth checking thisguide to student healthto find out about the best ways to stay healthy while slaving away behind the books.

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