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What are the health benefits of garlic?



Bad breath and deterring vampires isn’t the only thing garlic should be known for. Garlic, the number one herbal supplement used in U.S. households, has numerous uses and health benefits. Excellent for cooking, health and home remedies, garlic can easily be grown in most climates. The extremely versatile herb has been utilized throughout history as a natural remedy. In ancient times it was acknowledged as a remedy to treat many ailments including, flatulence, intestinal disorders, skin infections, and symptoms of aging. During the middle ages the herb was ground up and applied directly to the wound to prevent the spread of infection. Greeks were known to feed garlic to their athletes before they compete in Olympic events.

Naturally, the health benefits of garlic hinges on a person’s consumption of the herb. The more you eat the more beneficial it is to you. Although 60% of the Garlic consumed is produced in the United States, countries such as Italy, Korea and China have a per capita consumption as high as 8 to 12 cloves per day. Although that sounds like a lot of garlic, an herb rich diet has been credited in those countries for protecting against disease.

Protecting against disease is not the only health benefit offered by garlic. It has been used throughout history as a home remedy. The herb is known to cure an ear infection by wrapping a small piece in tissue, insert it into the ear overnight. Any pain should disappear by morning. A scratchy throat is also said to be cured by sucking on a slice. Biting the slice slightly should release juice from the garlic which will heal your throat as it goes down. Another one of my favorite home remedies is to use a slice of garlic to sooth a toothache. By rubbing the sliced part on your gums a couple times a day you can relieve a sore tooth. Other home remedies include the common cold, herpes, sinuses, warts, bruises, sprains, ringworms and many others.

Home remedies of garlic

Aside from home remedies garlic has real use in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Garlic is a natural antibiotic which can successfully protect you from fungus, bacteria, and viruses. Garlic’s effect on the heart is remarkable. Healthy consumption of the herb will lower your cholesterol, reduce your chance of bad plaque building up in your arteries, and prevent your aorta from aging. Aorta is the blood vessel that maintains your blood pressure and keeps your heart pumping. Garlic consumption keeps your aorta flexible rather than allowing it to stiffen from age.

Allicin is one of the most potent substances in garlic. Studies have shown that it is effective in preventing weight gain and lowering blood pressure. Not only is garlic a good source for vitamin C, the antioxidants contained in the herb strengthens the immune system. B6, and other minerals contained in garlic have been associated with boosting the immune system to fight off viruses, and bacteria.

Garlic and cancer prevention

Research has been conducted for years regarding the effect of garlic and the prevention of cancer. To fight off cancer you need a healthy immune system. Garlic has been known to strengthen the immune system. Garlic actually fights off cancer formations and slows tumor cell growth. Researchers studying breast cancer found that the compound in garlic can actually prevent carcinogens from attaching to the breast cells.

For years garlic has been studied and researched for its medicinal values. My favorite use is in the kitchen. From garlic bread to garlic soup, there are countless mouth watering dishes that include this powerful herb. Try a few and you will be eating yourself into good health.

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