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7 Benefits of Vitamin K for the Body


To maintain the health and functions of the organ, the body requires the intake-intake of nutrients and minerals enough every day. All the intake of these minerals and nutrients will optimize the performance of the organs, in order to work properly, according to their respective functions. One type of nutrients that are essential for our bodies is vitamin intake. Vitamins are sometimes overlooked in inadequate nutritional intake of the body, because that is considered important only carbohydrate, protein and fiber alone.

Though vitamin is essential, particularly in maintaining the immune system. One type of vitamin that is good and important for the health of our body is Vitamin K.

What is Vitamin K?
Vitamin K is derived from the word Koagulations derived from German and Danish. Vitamin K has many benefits for our body and sometimes we do not realize the benefits and importance of vitamin K. Theoretically, intake of vitamin K is good for our bodies are as much as 2 mcg per 1 kg of body weight per day. Please count yourself how much of your daily requirement of vitamin K, and customize to your daily intake.

As discussed previously, vitamin K itself has many benefits for our health. What are the benefits of vitamin C for the human body? The following are some of them:

1. Assist the process of blood clotting
The first benefit of vitamin K is able to assist the process of blood clotting. The process of blood clotting is required by the body, especially when injured, either the wound incision, wound or incision fall. We know that there is iron, which can accelerate wound healing, however, vitamin K also has a role that is no less important in the process of blood clotting.

Vitamin K is also good for people with hemophilia, because it can also help the process of blood clotting.

2. Preventing osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bone structure begins to experience loss, which is caused by the lack of mineral content to help strengthen bones. Calcium and phosphorus able to prevent osteoporosis. However, vitamin K was able to help accelerate and optimize the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, so as to prevent the emergence of osteoporosis.

3. Maintaining bone strength
Among other benefits, it is still of organ bones, vitamin K is able to maintain bone strength your body. this is related to lower your risk of experiencing bone loss disorders such as osteoporosis. In addition, the maintenance of bone strength, then you will be able to conduct their activities better and optimal.

4. Helps bone growth
Benefits of vitamin K in infants can help the process of bone growth. With functions that can help the absorption of minerals, especially in the bones, it is very important adequate vitamin K intake daily dose. Especially for children who are still in its infancy, to optimize the growth of bone, and can add height.

5. Preventing the emergence of diabetes
Recent research suggests that vitamin K has good benefits for preventing diabetes munclnya to yourself and your family. This is evidenced by the fact that vitamin K may establish a system of resistance to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is now known to be one cause of diabetes in a person.

In addition, Vitamin K can also help accelerate and optimize metabolism that occur in the body. This can prevent insulin resistance, which is a cause of diabetes.

6. Prevent Bleeding hearts
For those of you who frequently use aspirin, antibiotics and tranquilizers in excess, beware. This can lead to the emergence of bleeding heart or your liver. bleeding in the liver will cause the function of the liver is not optimal and dangerous to health. However, the benefits of vitamin C can prevent the bleeding. The nature of vitamin K, which can prevent bleeding by accelerating and optimizing the process of blood clotting in the body.

7. Preventing the emergence of cancer
Vitamin K also has benefits both in terms of cancer prevention. Cancer is one of the chronic diseases that are harmful, and some of them deadly. Well, vitamin K is able to slow the growth of cancer cells in the body. With more than cancer development process, then the cancer will not spread fast, and faster to handle.


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