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Best. Weight Loss Plan. Ever…, House on the Rock

A few nice weight loss plans images I found:

Best. Weight Loss Plan. Ever…, House on the Rock
weight loss plans
Image by KevinElliottChi

Weight Loss 20X6
weight loss plans
Image by jpmatth
i bought new shirts today, which is not particularly exciting except that today i was able to buy and wear size XL shirts, which i haven’t done since i was a senior in high school exactly 10 years ago. these are a little snug yet, but not so much that i wouldn’t be able to wear them to work.

last year around this time, i had lost 8 inches. now i’m up to 14, and the total goal is between 20 and 22. on new year’s eve i’ll post another pic of my belts so you can see the difference between last year and this year.

in roughly another year i’ll have — to quote the stupid bowflex commercial — "the body i’ve always wanted." already i have far more muscle tone and a better posture than i had in high school, even though i weighed less then. back then i was running up and down stairs all day long and strength training every other day, so that’s a much different type of body than what i’m getting now. more muscle mass, but less tone and no awareness of how to carry myself. my current plan is the same as it’s been for a year and a half — 15-20 minute hatha yoga practice every morning, corpse pose every night before bed to maximize sleep quality, getting enough water, and eating manageable portions of whatever i want.

Nutri System Dinner – Macaroni with Cheese and Beef
weight loss plans
Image by Old Shoe Woman
This meal takes about 10 – 15 minutes to prepare–one of the longer preparation times.

Step One: Shake Container
Step Two: Heat 1 cup water to boiling (2 minutes in microwave)
Step Three: Pour hot water into containter
Step Four: Stir well
Step Five: Let sit for 8 or more minutes

I added black pepper and Texas Pete Hot Sauce. It was delicious.

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