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Weight loss exercises for women


In a fitness rut? See more benefits from your gym sessions with these top tips from the experts.

We’ve all been there – endlessly slogging it out at the gym and not seeing the results we want. Getting stuck in a frustrating plateau can see your motivation and confidence take a dive.

But there’s no need to radically overhaul your regime – just by making a few minor adjustments to your existing workout, you can see your results soar. ‘When you’ve been training for a long time, you stop thinking about how you perform,’ explains A-list personal trainer David Kirsch. ‘But by pausing to refocus on the importance of those small details, such as good posture, positioning, technique and whether you’re making the most of your time, you can take your workouts to a new level. The key to success is to remember that the devil is in the detail.’

So are you ready to get down to the nitty-gritty? Read on to discover weight loss exercises for women.


‘It’s imperative you mix up your pace and distance during treadmill runs to increase running ability,’ says celebrity personal trainer and Asics running ambassador Nicki Waterman (www.asics.co.uk). ‘Mix interval training sessions with long runs and sprint work on different days. Just because you’re not running outside, doesn’t mean you can’t follow a running plan to provide training goals.’

Exercise Bike

‘If you train in the “fat-burning zones” advised by your bike, you’ll have to peddle at one speed and one intensity for at least 30 minutes to get a decent workout,’ advises Spinning instructor and Fitness First’s personal trainer of the year Kevin Hubble (www.kevinhubblefitness.co.uk). ‘Aim to work at 70–80 per cent of your maximum heart rate instead, and introduce interval training. Play with increasing the resistance and gradient, and speeding up your pace.’

Weight Training

‘Increase the intensity of your resistance workouts by lifting weights that are around 25 per cent heavier than you normally use,’ advises celebrity personal trainer Steve Barrett (www.stevebarrett.tv). ‘This will train your muscles harder and to exhaustion more quickly and shave valuable minutes off your training sessions. You’ll also have a completely different workout.’


‘If you rush your movements during a Pilates session, you’ll lack the control needed to execute moves properly,’ says Lynne Robinson, Pilates guru and co-founder of Body Control Pilates (www.bodycontrol.co.uk). ‘I’m not suggesting you slow every movement down, as some movements need to be done quickly, but I recommend you do everything with precision.’

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