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The 3 Simple Steps to a Perfect Daily Routine (and how they can change your life)

People want to see changes in their life.

Every single day.

People want to have a better job, intellectual improvement, or, more generally, to accomplish any goal they set.

People don’t understand, however, how naturally you can change your life to include more productivity, energy, and concentration, from a few little changes in your daily routine.

In particular, productivity comes from small changes that happen to our health. There are three basic habits to practice through the day to vastly improve your health.

These habits are not actually regarding your research for a better job, or a sudden change in your life, they act on a deeper level inside of you.

Indeed, these habits have another role in your life, and when incorporated consistently, they can literally change your life.

They will allow you to understand the basics of a life devoted to success and continuous self-development; and, we all know that if you are pursuing a healthy life, you are undoubtedly pursuing a life full of accomplishments and ongoing personal improvement, expressly at the intellectual level.

Adjustments in your life will happen if you are on the right path – one that lets you live a healthier life.

What path is that? It’s composed of three main routines:

1) Physical Activity

This almost goes without saying – and yet it is imperative enough to repeat time and again. It’s not about preparing to climb Mount Everest (although that would be cool!) or having the most ripped body at the beach though. The habit of physical activity has much farther reaching implications – and, best of all, it takes just a 20-minute practice every day to improve health. “Mens sana in corpore sano” is a Latin byword that literally means: “The more you practice physical activities and keep your body healthy, the more your mind will be aiming towards productivity and success.”

Concentrated physical activity (having an elevated heart rate for 20 + minutes) – helps both your body and your mind, and is imperative to strike a balance, long term. Find a couple of exercises that stimulate you (a combo of both indoor and outdoor activities is best) and get to work! The benefits will begin almost immediately.

2) Meditation

Even for this routine (and in the next case too) the requested amount of time spent practicing it is about 20 minutes. You don’t have to be an expert. You can do it perfectly just as a beginner, following those simple steps:

– Take your time, evaluate how much time you need to feel more relaxed and with a clear vision of your situation. Meditative sessions can last from 10 to 30 minutes, so it’s up to you to understand your necessity.
– Concentrate on your situation, which is definitely this: follow your breath, focus on it and let your thoughts go away.
– You can help yourself repeating a word (i.e. a mantra). Check up on the wiki’s what are the most used mantra for meditation.

The benefits of meditation are well-known. The levels of endorphin are higher than usual. The endorphins are covering a significant role in activating the immune system of the body; then, they increase the amount of antibodies, that help to fight disease. In stressful situations, you have immediate benefits due to a feeling of peace and satisfaction. Meditation helps at the physical level in the prevention and treatment of diseases that are difficult to heal concerning mental and emotional therapies. It contributes to achieving spiritual balance and to achieve the highest level of enlightenment too. Those who practice meditation easily stop smoking, stop drinking and stop taking drugs, leading a healthy life to happen. They will enjoy more their life and will find interests and new hobbies continuously, resulting in a well-balanced life and in a great mood.

3) Reading

This could sound a little bit odd, but I would definitely suggest this routine.
Because after we have supported both our body with physical activity and our spirit with meditation, we have to feed our mind.
You can take just 20-30 minutes of your time, per day, to improve your language, your IQ, your critical sense. Having a good case of knowledge, acquired by the books you are more interested into, is the only motivational goal you have to reach, every day, to pick up the fundamentals pieces of a successful life and start to build it.

However, this process is not free. You have to pay. What’s the price?

You have to pay all this process with a constant willpower.

You have to be determined in following the three mentioned routine, at least every two days, to guarantee a healthy life.
If you are not able to sustain those habits because you are lazy or use to practice bad habits, you are driving on the wrong way.

Keep your health at the best levels and your life will be astonishing and full of rewards.

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