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Introducing The Year Of Wellness!!

As many of you know, I am the co-founder of LEAF.tv – a lifestyle video site that focuses on all things dedicated to living a better life! I am SOOO thrilled & proud to finally announce that a personal passion project, The Year Of Wellness, is now live!! After eight months of relentless work – really trying to identify the products and resources that will help you live a better life – we are launching a monthly subscription service, all around the 12 pillars of wellness.

It can be overwhelming to understand all it takes to “live well,” especially while balancing all that is life. We have tried to create the perfect way to treat yourself and bring the focus back to you. Something to give your body, mind, & soul a fresh perspective. Welcome to LEAFtv’s Year of Wellness.

So what is The Year Of Wellness?

The subscription-based box of great wellness finds is filled with functional products that support healing, offer ways to detox, raise your level of happiness, guide you to creating better habits, and are the catalyst for creating a life you love.

Every month for a whole year, you’ll unwrap a different wellness theme with instructions on how to utilize each product in a way that seamlessly fits into life. Every box has been specifically curated to make you feel your absolute best. Plus, each box includes additional inspiration and resources, think checklists and suggested schedules, to holistically support each theme.

The start of every subscription always begins with the first box, DETOX. It will be followed by NOURISH, GLOW, and REST. Countless hours have been spent organizing a plan that leads you to success, and the order of the themes and contents have been crafted to build wellness throughout the year.

If you’re ready to begin a healthy, happy life, then the Year of Wellness is a no-brainer. I’d LOVE you to come on this journey with me!

Here’s to a year (of wellness!)





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