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Can You Prevent Red Wine From Staining Your Teeth?

A woman drinks red wine from a wine glass.

Red wine is the perfect drink for a festive party or social event. But there’s nothing worse than looking in the mirror later to see purple stains decorating your smile. So is there anything you can do to prevent red wine from staining your teeth?

As it turns out, there are several ways you can prevent red wine teeth stains.

When it comes to how red wine stains happen, there are three culprits. There are anthocyanins in red wine, which are color pigments. They’re where that lovely purple shade comes from. But they don’t work to stain alone. Tannins help to bind the color to your teeth, and wine’s acidity makes your teeth more porous and susceptible to staining.

But there are steps you can take to prevent them from working together to give you that lovely purple smile you didn’t ask for. And it all comes down to your oral hygiene. Red wine clings to the plaque built up on your teeth.

First, brush and floss your teeth 30 minutes before drinking wine (but avoid doing so right after to prevent damage due to mixing the acidity of the wine with toothpaste). Brushing will reduce the amount of plaque on your teeth for the red wine to stick to.

Another tip is to snack while you’re sipping your glass of wine. Red wine is highly acidic and can seep through the enamel in your teeth. Munching on bread or cheese will help create a barrier from the acidity in the wine.

Now, you can smile confidently and still enjoy your glass of Pinot Noir. If you’re planning a holiday party, create a festive charcuterie board for the perfect snack to serve alongside your red wine.

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