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Can You Grind Coffee with a Blender?

A glass canister of coffee beans.

Nothing’s better than fresh coffee from your local coffee shop. But maybe your coffee grinder broke! Or you accidentally bought whole beans! How can you crush your coffee without a grinder?

Turns out, you can use a blender to grind your coffee beans—but only in emergency situations.

Keep in mind that the texture and consistency won’t be the same when using a blender. Coffee beans might also get stuck at the bottom of the blender, creating a weird powdery and coarse coffee blend.

Start by placing 1/4 cup of coffee beans in the blender and pulse in short bursts. Then, move the beans around so they don’t get stuck in the bottom. Repeat this process until your morning cup is ready to brew.

You’ll want to be cautious of heat when grinding beans with a blender. This kitchen accessory tends to warm up quickly, which doesn’t always mix well with coffee beans. Heat is used to roast coffee beans, so the heat from the blender could end up burning your beans.

Also, be mindful that this method could dull your blender’s blades. Over time, the coffee beans will wear down the sharpness of your kitchen accessory.

Overall, a blender works as a quick solution, but it’s still better to use a coffee grinder. Once you figure out how to grind your beans, it’s time to brew the perfect cup.

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