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Homeopathic doctor Nancy Martin shares remedies for long COVID on The Dr. Ardis Show – Brighteon.TV

Homeopathic doctor Nancy Martin shared several natural remedies to address the so-called “long COVID.” The disorder, which stems from the long-term effects of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, causes affected people to lose their sense of smell and taste.

“People will call me or have a session with me, and I always tell them that we have a range of potencies,” she told Texas-based chiropractor Dr. Bryan Ardis on the Aug. 24 episode of his program “The Dr. Ardis Show” on Brighteon.TV. Martin then shared three natural cures for loss of smell and taste following COVID-19 infection.

“The real big one is sodium chloride. In homeopathy, we call that nat mur,” Martin said. Commonly known as table salt, natrum muriaticum (Nat mur) is an important component in regulating the balance of body fluids.

Another remedy called kalium bichromicum (kali bi) is prepared from a common chemical reagent that has many industrial and laboratory applications. Kali bi is used in homeopathy to address thick, gluey or ropy discharges from the mucous membranes.

Lastly, calcarea sulphurica (calc-s) or calcium sulfate is used as a remedy for infected wounds. Homeopathic doctors use calc-s to address discharges that contain thick and yellow pus.

Martin recounted a story of a medical student that recovered her sense of smell and taste after homeopathic treatment. (Related: Study: Millions of COVID-19 survivors still suffer long-term issues with smell and taste.)

“I gave her nat mur and, I would say within seven to seven to 10 days, she regained them. There are so many stories just like that [from] so many people from many walks of life and age groups,” said the homeopathic doctor.

Elsewhere in the show, Ardis inquired about possible solutions to concerns of people who already received the COVID-19 vaccines and are now suffering the adverse effects.

Martin recommended thuja, which she advises patients to take for three to four months “just to kind of clean everything out. She also recommended silica and echinacea, with the latter serving to boost the immune system.

Nicotine also cures loss of taste and smell due to COVID

For his part, Ardis shared the effectiveness of nicotine in curing his wife’s loss of taste and smell. Back in November 2020, Ardis’ wife caught COVID-19 and was left with no sense of taste and smell for nearly two years.

“I have tried everything nutritionally, supplement-wise and everything on the planet you can think of. But nothing was restoring her taste and smell until two weeks ago,” he said.

“She tried nicotine gum, chewed it for 10 minutes and spit it out, four times a day. On day two, all of her tastes and smells were restored.”

Nicotine, he added, was very protective from the long-haul symptoms of the virus caused by the spike proteins. “We have medical doctors around the world telling me within 15 to 45 minutes after chewing nicotine or wearing a patch with nicotine, they actually see their oxygen levels go up above 92 and 94,” he said.

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Watch the full Aug. 24 episode of “The Dr. Ardis Show” featuring Nancy Martin below. Catch new episodes of the program every Wednesday at 10-11 a.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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