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Camel urine found to block cancer-causing effects of dioxin exposure

Nine years ago, NutritionFacts.org put out a video report highlighting various natural compounds that block the cancer-causing effects of dioxin exposure inside the body. In addition to cruciferous vegetables and fruits, the narrator explains that camel urine – and specifically that of virgin camels – is another potential remedy for dioxin exposure that, albeit nasty, could protect an exposed person against cancer.

The human gut is loaded with what are known as Ah receptors, which specifically interact with and are activated by the compounds in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables. Ah receptors are so unique in the types of molecules they attract that there have been many international scientific conferences devoted specifically to discussing them.

These conferences have shown that cruciferous vegetables help support a robust immune system by activating Ah receptors. These activated receptors protect not only against invading pathogens but also against the wide range of toxins we are all exposed to, including cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, furnace gases, cooked meat and fish, dairy products, and even mother’s milk because of what they themselves are exposed to – not to mention the latest chemical disaster to strike East Palestine.

“Many of these pollutants exert their toxic effects through the Ah receptor system,” the narrator explains. “For example, dioxins invade the body mainly through the diet, more than 90 percent of exposure, as it concentrates through the food chain, presenting a serious health concern.”

“But there are phytonutrients in fruits, vegetables, tea, red wine, and beans that block the effects of dioxins at close to the kinds of levels you can find in people’s bloodstream after eating fruits and vegetables.”

The East Palestine disaster released untold levels of dioxins that will more than likely lead to cancer clusters in the years to come – at least among those who fail to adequately protect their bodies against dioxin exposure through diet. In addition to consuming more fruits and vegetables, the NutritionFacts.org narrator also explains how camel urine can get the job done.

“There is actually one animal product that has also been shown to potentially block the cancer-causing effects of dioxins – camel urine,” he says, citing a study on the matter. “Camel urine, but not cow urine, was found to inhibit the effects of a known carcinogenic chemical.”

“Importantly, the researchers emphasize, virgin camel urine showed the highest degree of inhibition, found better than pregnant camel urine, for example. So, the next time our kids don’t want to eat their fruits and veggies, we can just say, ‘Hey! It’s either that or camel pee!

Watch the video below:

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If camel urine doesn’t appeal to you, try eating at least three apples per day

In order to benefit from the cancer-preventive benefits of apples, one would need to consume about three per day just to cut dioxin toxicity in half. The half-life of these phytonutrients is also only about 25 hours, so one would need to consume apples at regular intervals and “keep it up day after day.”

“But if we eat enough, the intake from a plant-based diet should be enough to inhibit the cancer-causing effects of dioxins,” the narrator explains.

“At first, we just thought it was just cruciferous vegetables that were able to lock in these receptors and fend off toxins … but given the variety and flexibility of most mammalian diets, a specific dependence on cruciferous vegetables for optimal intestinal immune function would seem overly restrictive. Many other foods contain compounds with similar immune-stimulatory properties.”

Be sure to watch the video above to learn more about natural ways you can protect yourself against dioxin exposure.

The latest news about the East Palestine train wreck incident can be found at Disaster.news.

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