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Reno Rolle and Mike Adams announce Health Ranger Store to take on Boku Superfood sales and manufacturing

Boku International Chairman Reno Rolle and “Health Ranger Report” host Mike Adams have announced that they have just sealed a partnership to manufacture and lab test the Boka Superfood product line for them to be carried exclusively at HealthRangerStore.com. Boku is an award-winning, United States Department of Agriculture-certified organic, Kosher and Vegan superfood company, serving thousands of customers in 65 countries.

The two admitted to having known each other for more than 16 years when they first launched Boku. The superfood founder mentioned that his son, Reno Jr., was the inspiration for the creation of the company to avoid pharmaceutical drugs for when he was a small kid. “Instead of putting him on drugs, we discovered superfoods and it’s amazing that so many years later Reno Jr is now the Boku ‘alchemist.’ His whole life is centered on this brilliant mission to formulate next-level products for Boku and now for the Health Ranger Store [HRS], which is, again, remarkable.”

According to Rolle, Adams set the “almost unmanageable,” really high standards for the products. “We haven’t had the benefit of an in-house laboratory and just used third-party resources to manage and maintain those standards. And again, it’s almost laughable, because you set those standards for us. You’ve always been like a compass that points true north,” he said. “There’s no wavering one degree from the truth from as close to perfection as we can get in terms of the quality, the integrity of these ingredients and then the formulations which we’ve always endeavored.” (Related: Boku Super Food releases first ever nutrition food bar created by healthy people.)

Adams added that Boku is all the rage in certain circles, even in California. “You’ve been based out of Ojai, California for many years and a fan favorite among locals there with your smoothie bars. The formulations that you have are just top-notch. I don’t know anybody else who can make pea protein-based products taste as good and deliver as much nutrition as you can,” he said of the products and put it out there that the existing inventory of the product is currently available exclusively at HRS, only while supplies last.

According to him, the next production batch of organic Super Food and Super Protein will be produced in Adams’ manufacturing facilities and quality checked using his his high-tech ICP-MS analysis equipment for heavy metals and dioxins. “It’s going to take a couple of months for the new production. As we do that, there may be ways that we can tweak Boku’s ingredients list and add in superfood elements that we’ve been able to source successfully,” Adams revealed. “And so, the ingredients are going to be enhanced to whatever extent that we can practically manage knowing our supply chain providers and our laboratory facilities. We’re not going to disrespect Boku or take anything out, we’re only going to enhance it in any way.”

HRS’s integrity in business made Boku move

Rolle was grateful for the opportunity to partner with the HRS, “because of what it has already achieved, which is nothing short of remarkable in the business,” he said, applauding how Adams was able to build an in-house laboratory as well as his buying power and his resources. “I’ve been in the industry a long time. And there’s nobody out there doing it the way you do with that level of integrity,” he added.

Adams said that it is also important to note that the relationship with key suppliers established HRS over the years. They have already discerned which farms and providers are clean and at the same time cost-efficient. The 2014 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year nominee agreed with the Health Ranger and added that they would love the ability to adapt to the HRS facilities after the turnover. “You have to have your own facility and team of experts on the spot. You also have to adapt to the challenges as they arise,” he said. “And I’ve seen it there at your facility, Mike. I’ve toured an awful lot of these things over the years and we’ve actually built our own, which we are enormously proud of, but to walk through that spot and see every piece of equipment. They all look as if they had just been unloaded and assembled and just absolutely spotless.”

He said he is honored and blessed to partner with HRS because not all companies in the industry have morals and ethics intact. “The consciousness and leadership throughout the world is appalling. But in our industry, there are just people out there who are just willing to take whatever shortcuts to the point of lying just to make a buck. And it’s disheartening.” The HRR host concurred citing other firms merging with larger corporations and the first thing they do is reformulate the products, so they can pass the watered-down, less nutritious product to the market at a cheaper price. “I’ve seen organic certificate fraud over and over again.”

Watch the full episode of the “Health Ranger Report” with Mike Adams featuring Reno Rolle below.

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