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Healthy Eating Recipes

Healthy School Lunch Ideas | FOOD BITES

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Where can I go to get healthy eating tips and recipes?

I have just recently started exercising with the Biggest Loser challenge for the Wii. It is a great workout and I really enjoy it. I am doing it for the exercise part of it as I am not over weight but just looking to be more physically fit. I would like to have healthier eating habits but not to the extreme of trying to lose weight. The game offers meals and snacks but for those looking to lose weight. Does anyone know of a site where I can go and enter in what my goals are and have a meal plan or snacks given to me?

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Answer by Atruesoldier
You can always go to the slimfast website as they will give you a healthy eating plan and schedule for everyday. I found it to be helpful with the people im training that need help. The site will help you with what is best to eat on what days. It ask you in the beginning how much you want to lose and how much time. I have both the Wii and the Kinect, i find the Microsoft gives you more of a realistic feel as you have no controllers in your hand or attached to your body. I have a client that lost 10lbs over the holidays with the Kinect. Good luck to you.

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